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In memory of
Michael McCord, MD
March 16, 1957-July 21, 2013

Tragically, our former team leader and SAGE co-founder passed away in Guatemala during this year's mission from a pulmonary embolism following emergency surgery.
Mike was instrumental in founding SAGE, and his passion, dedication and service to the people of Guatemala laid the framework and carved a path for everything that SAGE is/does today.

Under Mike's leadership, more than 15,000 Guatemalans received care they would have not otherwise had access to. 

Mike's impact and the number of lives change both in Guatemala and here in the US will be felt for generations to come. 

In honor of his service to their country, Mike was posthumously awarded the "Orden del Quetzal con Gran Cruzan" by the Guatemalan State Department.

This award is the highest award issued by the Guatemalan government, and a tremendous honor demonstrating the 
gratitude of a grateful nation of Dr. McCord's many years of service and profound impact. 

In the end, Dr. McCord passed away doing what he loved, in a place that he loved, surrounded by people he loved. 

His ever-cheerful demeanor, loving kindness,  committment to service, and expansive knowledge will leave a tremendous void.

Please keep Dr. McCord's family in your thoughts and prayers in this difficult time. They provided the support, encouragement and love that allowed him to pursue his passions all these years and make such a tremendous impact. 

Dr. McCord's obituary can be found here

To donate to SAGE on in memory of Dr. McCord, click here. 

the past 11 years, SAGE has  taken teams of as many as 105 volunteers into the mountains of rural Guatemala to provide medical care and community development to those in need.

Many Guatemalans never have the opportunity to receive medical care, and their illnesses often go untreated for years.  



Over the course of 5 days, SAGE medical teams work to provide medical care to these Guatemalans. The team sees patients in medical clinics, dental clinic, vision clinic, and performs surgeries such as cleft palate repair. This year alone, the clinics saw 2500 patients and the surgeons performed 106 surgeries!

The community development team works tirelessly to provide a makeover for Guatemalan homes, installing concrete floors in lieu of the dirt floors, efficient wood stoves to replace open fires, and water filters to eliminate water-borne diseases. The end result of these efforts provide a safer, more efficient environment for these Guatemalan families to live, grow, and face the future.

Please join us in our mission to serve the people of Guatemala.


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