San Antonio Guatemalan Endeavor

SAGE operates under the auspices of HELPS International Inc., a non-profit 501(c )(3) charitable foundation

SAGE is an organization based in San Antonio, Texas. Each summer for the past 8 years, SAGE has taken a team of approximately 85 volunteers into the mountains of rural Guatemala to provide medical care and community development to those in need.

Many Guatemalans never have the opportunity to receive medical care, and their illnesses often go untreated for years.  

Over the course of 5 days, SAGE medical teams work to provide medical care to these Guatemalans. The team sees patients in medical clinics, dental clinic, vision clinic, and performs surgeries such as cleft palate repair. Last year alone, the clinics saw 1500 patients and the surgeons performed 86 surgeries!

The community development team works tirelessly to provide a makeover for Guatemalan homes, installing concrete floors in lieu of the dirt floors, efficient wood stoves to replace open fires, and water filters to eliminate water-borne diseases. The end result of these efforts provide a safer, more efficient environment for these Guatemalan families to live, grow, and face the future.

Please join us in our mission to serve the people of Guatemala.

SAGE is made possible by the tremendous support of its sponsors:

Helps International

Dallas, Texas

University United Methodist Church

San Antonio, TX



Methodist Healthcare
San Antonio, Texas

Texas Shine Car Wash & Detail
San Antonio, Texas
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